Having sinus problems? Hay fever becoming a problem? Sinease may easy your symptoms.

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Sinease is an excellent product to help with conditions of the upper respiratory tract. In particular, it has very positive benefits if a bacterial infection is present. Hay fever suffers may also find some relief from using this product (it is non-drowsy).

We strongly recommend that you take this product alongside our Blood Purifying Tonic & Mineral Max products to attain its full benefits. If you suffer from hay fever you may also wish to consider our Para formula which treats parasite infections (parasite infections tend to be followed by cases of asthma, hay fever and eczema).
This product contains cayenne, echinacea root, eyebright, golden rod and golden seal.Contents

Recommended for

Sinease is specifically designed for conditions of the upper respiratory tract. This includes such conditions as sinus infections, hay fever, catarrh, constant sneezing and ear infections.

Typical Dosage

Take 5mls three times daily.


If you are pregnant you should consult your health care provider before using this remedy. Children may find the concentration of cayenne too overpowering in this formula.

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