Reno promotes kidney and bladder health and is strongly recommended if you suffer from conditions that are linked to the kidney’s and bladder.

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Reno contains a number of herbs used to treat kidney and bladder problems. This includes conditions such as urinary tract infections, enlarged prostate, cystitis, kidney related back problems, bed-wetting, allergies and burning urine.

We strongly recommend that you take this product alongside our Blood Purifying Tonic & Mineral Max products to attain its full benefits.


This product contains buchu, couch grass, echinacea root and licorice root.

Recommended for

This product is recommended for those who suffer from kidney and bladder-related conditions.

Typical Dosage

Take ten to twenty drops three times daily.


Kidney problems can be very serious. Always seek the advice and guidance of your health care provider if your symptoms are not alleviated.

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