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At New Zealand Herbals we focus on the root cause of illness with an emphasis on true healing from the inside out. Michael has over 30 years’ of industry experience and offers a powerful system of healing which has stood the test of time.

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We believe in holistic healthcare, and have a deep understanding of the mind, body, and spirit, and how they interplay and integrate to create wholeness and wellbeing. We treat the whole person and not just the dis-ease, and believe symptoms are the body’s expression of imbalance, and the body has a natural tendency to heal itself. We work with the intelligence of nature, and believe nature has already created the remedy for whatever ails us.



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Michael McCammon – Founder of New Zealand Herbals. Michael is a professional Naturopath, Herbalist, and Iridologist and has been a practicing Herbalist since 1976. After completing his formal studies Michael moved to the West Coast, and in the tradition of true herbal medicine, he immersed himself in the natural world and Native Bush. It was here he established a living link with plants, and experienced the true natural beauty, power, and life force of nature, as he wild crafted local plants into potent medicinal medicines. Michael is well known in Christchurch for his Herbal Practice and his ‘Medicine Man’ Community Radio broadcasts, and it is in the time he spent surrounded by the Native West Coast bush he lived and breathed that name. Over the ensuring years, Michael has treated thousands of people, and in 1995 refined his formulae into a comprehensive system of herbal remedies designed to work powerfully in synergy together. Michael is also an experienced lecturer, and has written many articles on natural healing, healthcare and herbs.

Storm Fenton – Practice Manager. Storm has a Diploma in Management and a Diploma in Marketing and is a highly committed and passionate member of the team. As Practice Manager of New Zealand Herbals, Storm comes to us from a background in Health and  Fitness. She is a qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with seven years industry experience. Storm’s relationship with New Zealand Herbals’ began six years ago when Michael employed for her exceptional organisational abilities. Since this time Storm has drawn on her extraordinary skills, knowledge, and versatility and organisation ability to fulfill a number of small, key foundational roles within New Zealand Herbals. As Storm’s natural ability and capacity to organise and manage became evident a new role of Practice Manager of New Zealand Herbals’ was created for her in 2015. Storm is passionate about health, fitness, and general well being and loves sharing her ideas and knowledge.

From time to time New Zealand Herbals hosts Natural Health Care Professionals in specialised fields such as Energetic Healing, Homeopathy, Counselling, Mind-Body Awareness to offer a truly holistic service.


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