Southern Ocean Salt


Salt is a critical element to our health and well being. Unfortunately most normal table salts contains nasty free flowing agents. We have a range of natural salts that can also promote health with the additional specialized herbs and spices to optimise health and mineral delivery. 



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New Zealand Herbals Organic Ocean Salt is certified organic, is fully mineralised and is completely free from nasty free-flowing agents.

Our salt comes in three different varieties to suit every taste:

Size for all is 230gram

greensalt Digestive Salt (Mineral & Vitamin Salt)
This salt is fully mineralised with organic barley grass & alfalfa giving it a green appearance, full of trace minerals lacking in our soils such as Boron, Zinc, Selenium & Chromium.
redsalt Heart Salt
Heart salt contains cayenne which is known to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. This contains organic Hawthorne berry, cayenne & garlic.
brownsalt Iodine Rich Kelp Salt (naturally iodised)

New Zealand soils have no natural iodine. We must therefore add iodine to our diets. This is normally done by adding an iodised element to table salt, unfortunately most table salts contain free-flow agents. Our salt comes loaded with organic kelp powder to help boost iodine levels

We strongly recommend that you take this product alongside our Blood Purifying Tonic & Mineral Max products to attain its full benefits.
This product contains natural organic ocean salt.Contents

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Digestive Salt (Mineral & Vitamin Salt), Heart Salt, Naturally Iodised, Plain White