Cod Liver Oil


The most comprehensive and balanced way to deliver Vitamin D, E, Omega 3 and 6.



Cod liver oil is very good for you, more than you ever knew. Yes you and your children need this – no question about it. We prescribe Cod liver oil regularly in our clinic.

This marvellous golden oil contains large amounts of elongated omega-3 fatty acids, preformed vitamin A and the sunlight vitamin D, essential nutrients that are hard to obtain in sufficient amounts in the modern diet.

In numerous studies, omega-3 fats found in cod liver oil have been shown to improve brain function, memory, stress response, immune response, allergies, asthma, learning and behavioural disorders, including bipolar syndrome and manic-depression. Cod liver oil is most famous for contributing to bone health.  Cod liver oil is effective in treating arthritis as well as the omega-3 fatty acids in cod liver oil reduce both pain and damage in inflamed joints.

Pregnant women using cod liver oil have infants with a lower risk for juvenile type 1 diabetes. This effect was found only in mothers taking cod liver oil, not in mothers taking multivitamin supplements. Cod liver oil taken by nursing mothers improves the fatty acid profile in breast milk to promote optimal brain development. Cod liver oil given to infants is an important source of nutrients for optimal infant health.

Cod liver oil provides vitamin D that helps build strong bones in children and helps prevent osteoporosis in adults. The fatty acids in cod liver oil are also very important for the development of the brain and nervous system. If you want to prevent learning disabilities in your children feed them cod liver oil.


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