Nourishing Body Oil


A nourishing, soothing and natural body oil that is beneficial for all skin types.

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Nourishing body oil is soothing and beneficial for all and skin types. It is designed to be used before the shower but can be used anytime for its skin soothing, hydration and softening properties. It gives a wonderful sheen and glow to the skin.  A must for everyone but particularly great for those with sun damaged or lifeless skin as it brings back the vitality.


Organic Sesame oil: contains vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. It is easily absorbed through the skin and helps to repair damaged skin cells and improve overall blood circulation.

Fractionated Coconut oil: is a clean, well absorbed, soothing, emollient and nourishing oil that is well tolerated by all skin types.

Organic Olive oil: is a heavier oil that enriches and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and glossy.

Lavender: is an aromatic essential oil, well tolerated by all skin types and has a natural preservative quality.

Ylang Ylang:  is known for its benefits in increasing blood flow, relieving inflammation, lifting one’s mood as well as smelling absolutely divine!

Directions for use: Rub gently all over your body using circles when over a bend, crevice, or joint and straight lines, down limbs to encourage natural flow of energy (doshas) and improve immunity and well-being.

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