Womans Tonic


Woman’s Tonic is specifically designed for the needs of woman. It is particularly useful for those who suffer from irregular or painful periods and for those who want to promote fertility.

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Woman’s Tonic is specifically designed for womens health issue. In particular, it is suitable for woman who are having difficulty becoming pregnant or who have difficulty during their menstrual cycle.

We strongly recommend that you take this product alongside our Blood Purifying Tonic Mineral Max products to attain its full benefits.


This product contains black cohosh, chaste tree, don quai, red raspberry and licorice root.

Recommended for

This product is suitable for all woman, but particularly for those who are having difficulty with their reproductive systems. It is also suitable for helping those who have irregular, difficult or painful periods.

Recommended Dosage

5-10mls 2-3 times daily

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