Digestion and Bowel

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  • Dandelion

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    Supreme liver and kidney cleanser

  • Digest aid

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    Digestive herbs to pacify digestive upsets and improve digestion.

  • Mineral Max

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    One of our most important products and a key to any health care recovery program. Mineral Max naturally provides high concentrations of minerals while providing them in a perfectly balanced form. Minerals assist the utilisation of vitamins and are essential for all bodily processes.

  • Para

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    Para is a supportive tonic for a healthy immune system, particularly the digestive system which is responsible for a lot of the body’s immune response. The vast majority of parasites are seldom fatal, they do however cause a host of health related problems ranging from common colds and allergies to severe conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel conditions, lowered immunity and much more.


  • Procleanse

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    Want a product to naturally clean your digestive system, establish a natural flora balance and promote regularity then Pro Cleanse is the right product for you.

  • Regular Bowel

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    Your bowel should move at least twice a day. Regular Bowel promotes regularity and bowel health.