Stress Depression and Anxiety

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  • Adrenaid

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    For adrenal health with symptoms of; constant tiredness, inability to cope with stress, reduced sex drive, irritability, craving sweet food, irrational anxiety, depression & insomnia.

  • Essential oil infused roller balls

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    Relax, unwind, refresh and heal with our essential oil infused roller balls

  • Magnesium Oil

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    Do you suffer from fatigue, muscle aches and pain, headaches, migraines, cramps and spasm, dry skin, or emotional issues such as depression and anxiety? Magnesium oil may well be an answer.

  • Para

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    Para is a supportive tonic for a healthy immune system, particularly the digestive system which is responsible for a lot of the body’s immune response. The vast majority of parasites are seldom fatal, they do however cause a host of health related problems ranging from common colds and allergies to severe conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel conditions, lowered immunity and much more.


  • Sedatone

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    Sedatone is a natural sedative that does not create a dependency. It is an excellent product for anyone who is suffering from insomnia or anxiety.

  • Serene

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    Serene is similar in effect to Sedatone. However, it is more specifically designed for target depression and mental exhaustion without making the person feel drowsy.

  • Sleep Drops

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    To gently promote a deeper more restful sleep

  • Withania – Mind & Body Tonic

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    Our Mind & Body Tonic is designed to calm the nervous system and is an excellent product for all persons. It comes in both capsules and in a delicious powdered drink form.

  • Womans Tonic

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    Woman’s Tonic is specifically designed for the needs of women. It is particularly useful for those who suffer from irregular or painful periods, mood swings and for those who want to promote fertility.