Our testimonials are selected from some of the results of over 25 years
in the natural medicine industry. In that time we have seen well over
25,000 most of whom reported either a complete cure or significant
improvement in their conditions.

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Great news on the Mineral Max. Mum has been taking it for 1 week and she is totally amazed, her swelling in knuckles, elbows etc have all reduced, she has heaps more energy, not as stiff in the mornings and she is able to make a fist which she hasn’t been able to do for years – she is over the moon and can’t believe how fast it happened, 5 – 7 days. She is more flexible all over her body. She has had rheumatoid arthritis for 13 years and this is the best thing that’s happened to her – thank you! (ref # 15)

–  Name Withheld


I have not needed to use an inhaler since finding out about Freedom. For me it works quicker than an inhaler, has no nasty after taste and lasts for a longer period of time. I can’t recommend it highly enough. ( ref # 5)

–  Name Withheld

Many thanks – Freedom arrived this morning. (name) has lost 5kgs thanks to our not mixing proteins and carbohydrates since Anzac day – coupled with Freedom. He is almost a different man. 5 activities yesterday, whereas one would (normally) wipe him out for the day.

–  Name Withheld

Dear Michael,

I have always had a problem with asthma since I was about 2 years of age. I find in winter my asthma gets really bad, that I find myself taking my blue inhaler about 10 times or more a day.

I worked at Holistic Healing Centre for about one year and Sonia Moore told me to go on Freedom. I have just started taking Freedom for 3 weeks and have not used my inhaler in the time I have taken Freedom. I am so glad I do not have to carry my inhaler around with me anymore.

I guess I am writing to you to say thank you for making such a wonderful product that really does work.

Keep up the good work.

–  Sarah Johnston

Since the early age of 4, I have been an asthmatic and always anaemic. Through the earlier years of my schooling several days and weeks were spent at home with asthma attacks and the after effects of the drugs I was taking. At the age of 14 and than again about 20, I suffered terribly with asthma and after various types of medication, including Ventolin Atomisers, we decided to the only thing to do was to accept the fact that I would have to take medication every day to counteract the onset of the attacks. I married at 21 and we moved out of town after being told it could improve my health. My husband and I were resigned to the fact that I would probably die from asthma.

February 1983 – my first child was born by caesarean section under general anaesthetic. After a most dreadful  pregnancy I said “no  more”. From the first 6 weeks until the baby was born I vomited, suffered from nausea, fatigue and finally ending in acute toxaemia. Six months later I still hadn’t recuperated. I became depressed and was becoming overpowered by stress. My husband and family were nearly driven mad by the continual fearfulness and moaning. Thank heaven they are an understanding lot.

My sister, at that stage owned a health food shop in Greymouth: thanks to her knowledge and understanding she convinced me to see Mike.

In January 1984 I met Mike McCammon N.D. After a lengthy consultation with Mike, he took photographs of my eyes and for the next three months I visited him regularly and took several herbs and minerals. I soon began to feel better.  I’m sure I could never have felt worse than  before meeting Mike.

Migraine headaches had been a problem since the birth of my first child. After the doctor telling me it was stress and blood pressure, I decided to tell Mike about it. In a matter of twenty minutes, the headaches had disappeared. A herbal adjustment was all it needed. I suppose about two or three times a year I have my neck adjusted and thankfully I have not had a headache since.

August, 1995 – my second child was born also by caesarean section but under epidural spinal block. The pregnancy started out a little rough so along I went to Mike and he prescribed a homeopathic remedy, which cured all symptoms of  morning sickness, the rest of the pregnancy was a breeze.

I have never been a person with any amount of will power, but knowing I had to give natural healing a go, decided to change my diet and take supplements. Instead  of a lot of fatty foods or preservative-based foods, I eat raw fruit and vegetables, fish and chicken. I admit I have not changed my diet so much that I don’t eat the odd meal of fish and chips or eat the odd bit of pavlova. I do, however, eat a more balanced diet.

As far as the asthma is concerned it has completely subsided. I eat little cheese and drink hardly any milk now, whereas before, cheese was my main meal. I have more energy and am not afraid to exercise whereas exercise was the main cause of asthma once.

Take it from one who has been there and has no  intention of ever going back, being depressed, fatigued, overweight and everything else I was, is no fun for anyone, especially when its happening to you.

I have gone from a walking zombie to a reasonably healthy human being. I have come from a point of desperation to reach a stage where I can look back and say goodbye to the past and hello  to the future. I still have a long way to go, I know that, but I will keep climbing that ladder of health, and happiness. I can now enjoy life instead of just surviving.

Thanks to one man, Michael McCammon his knowledge an great skill of natural healing, I have improved in health to look back and  to look  at other people in need of help makes me realise that natural remedies and cures are the best, no the ONLY way this world should be moving towards.

I also take this opportunity to thank Mike, from the bottom of my heart, for all of his help and tremendous energy he has extended to help me and my family. I truly hope your wishes, that mankind will revert back to natural remedies and cures, will come true one day and I want to say now that I am right up there with Mike. It will be a long hard slog but I know if everyone sticks behind Mike he can achieve his goal in life.

Good luck Mike! You are the best.

The following two images show Shona’s iris images both before and after her treatments from Michael McCammon N.D.  You can clearly see the marked improvement in her iris. The fist picture taken shows how tired and toxic her system was. The large pupil indicates chronic fatigue and the lesion on the left at 8.30 and the “twisted” fibres of the iris indicates the chronic condition of her lungs and bronchioles. The next photo taken one year later shows a completely different woman – someone with high energy and no sign of asthma. Shona was prescribed a herbal program using blood purifying and immuno stimulating herbs.

Iris Images
Iris Image Before Iris Image After

Bowel & Disgestive Conditions


When using (New Zealand Herbal’s) Mineral Max I feel a lot less tired, I tend to eat much less, have a positive energy filled outlook on life, and very regular bowel motions (and) incredible difference in energy levels. Mineral Max also seems to work as an immune tonic. (abridged ref # 9)

–  Name Withheld

I first became a patient of Michael’s in approximately 1982.

I was having problems with my digestion and also my bowel. I have always been a great believer in alternative medicine.

It made sense to me that if God created the human body, then He also created a means to determine where it was not functioning properly. Iridology made complete sense to me. I also turned to Michael because I had not had good experiences with the medical profession during the years I had my four children in the 1960’s.

Michael prescribed a number of herbal treatments for me. One of my problems was that my system did not produce enough hydrochloric acid to digest my food properly, which caused me to have quite bad indigestion. I do know I was with him for 2 years until he left Christchurch for Nelson. I also know that thanks to him I was well for approximately the next 10 years.

At different times during the years 1994 to 2002 I visited other alternative practitioners but no one quite had the same handle on me as Michael did. In November 2002 I was once again experiencing real problems with my digestion.

In early December last year my whole digestion broke down. It took me many days to realize what was happening, all I knew was I couldn’t eat most foods without my stomach knotting up, sometimes taking up to 13 hours to unknot. Until the knot disappeared I couldn’t eat at all. I did not realize Michael was back in Christchurch until I saw his name in the paper to give a lecture or I would have been back to him before I did.

I am sure this time round I have caused Michael to have a few gray hairs. We both worked very hard to strike the right formula to get me back on my feet. I was fortunate that having been to Michael before, I knew that these things do take time especially when I knew for myself I was in a pretty bad way. It has taken 5 months for me to get completely back on my feet. I am now starting to put some weight back on and I am feeling great.

–  Beverly Evans
1st of June 2003

All my problems started when my system couldn’t handle the contraceptive pill and I was strongly advised into having the coil. I fell pregnant on that and for 4 months felt very ill the whole time and turned very black and then I was admitted into hospital where I had a miscarriage (4th pregnancy). They found I had blood poisoning and the coil was imbedded through the baby’s neck. (I was in my 30’s) I had postnatal depression as well which improved soon after I lost the baby.

Then I started bleeding in between the periods and was told a small operation would fix it. But things got much worse in the end. I couldn’t put my feet to the floor because I would “flood” worse than a tap on full bore and this bleeding contained large clots. After a period of time (2-3 months) I had a hysterectomy. This left me with high blood  pressure. And then about 6 years ago I again took sick at work, feeling generally unwell and I had to sit down most of the time and I was treated as having flu symptoms and didn’t get any better.

I was then  admitted to hospital where they did a series of tests and found I was on one too many blood pressure tablets per day. They had caused an ulcer and I was in need of a gall bladder operation. They left the tubes in for three weeks the first tube that came out was fine and the second one sent me into spasm with rolling pains (couldn’t hold me on the  bed).  A specialist gave me an injection to quieten  it. They couldn’t explain what caused the pain. After that the bowel went “haywire”. I lived on the bed most of the time for the first year, had violent headaches fruit was the only thing I could eat until the doctor told me to introduce stuff such as the high fibre diet and Metamucil.

But if I wanted to pass wind I was  always too late. I had no control over the bowel, just liquid and a vile smell. I was up all hours of the night with vomiting and diarrhoea and severe headaches. – headaches were better after the vomiting and diarrhoea. I used to go through a 100 pack of Panadol per week. That’s taking them every three or four  hourly. I have been to specialists out of town 3 times and at the specialists here in Gisborne every three weeks (at a cost of $100 per visit). Specialists said there was nothing they could do to help the “irritable bowel syndrome”  (as what they called it) except a high fibre diet. This did not help at all. Tests never showed  up anything. We had spent all our retirement savings by this stage seeking help, this amounted to $29,000! Fortunately our insurance company Southern Cross paid out 80% of it. After suffering this for 5 and 1/2 years with no let up of symptoms I still knew there was someone out there that could help.

Last January walking up town to pay the bill I was having a real bad day carrying my usual spare clothes and tablets which was normal for me as it was now “my life” my little grandson said “why can’t you play with us anymore”. I walked into a health  food  shop crying  and begged him for help. I had reached the end of my tether and I knew that if I didn’t get help this time I would  be back in hospital. I was told of a local naturopath.

I rang and made a time and visited Michael McCammon, a naturopath and medical herbalist. I was given a diagnosis and put on a special diet and given some herbal remedies.  My next  visit in 3 weeks my bowel had “eased off” a lot. In about 6 weeks I was fine! fine! and have been doing extremely well ever since. Even my headaches have improved.

I would dearly like to see Michael’s profession (naturopaths and herbalists) more known and there must be a lot of people out there like me who need help. And I can’t thank Michael enough for the time he has put into me. It’s wonderful to not have to carry a  bag  of underwear and other clothes or a bag of tablets.

–  Name Withheld

I consulted with Michael McCammon in August 2002 when I had become disillusioned with advice from both my GP and a dietician and was at the point where I was very concerned about my health in general and particularly, my digestive system. I have a chronic allergy to dairy products which I eliminated from my diet in my early 30’s then in my late 30’s I developed an intolerance to gluten, preservatives and artificial additives as well as an increased sensitivity/ intolerance to certain foods. My diet had become narrower and narrower, I suffered from abdominal bloating and discomfort, I had lost a lot of weight and for the first time in my life could not put the weight back on. I wasn’t sleeping well, couldn’t keep warm and didn’t have enough energy to get through the day.

Michael prescribed his basic regime of Blood Purifying Tonic, Mineral Max and Para to clean my system out and eliminate parasites. It has taken 8 months of experimentation, trial and error, colonic irrigation therapy and advice from Chris Toki to establish the specific herbal remedies and diet suitable to start the process of settling down my “leaky gut” and “sluggish digestive system”. I have also adopted Michael’s regime of eating according to my blood type, not combining proteins with carbohydrates, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and eliminating white sugar, white flour, alcohol, preservatives, artificial additives and caffeine from my diet.

The improvements after 8 months were as follows – dramatic improvement in my well being, better sleep, increased energy levels, an increase in my weight, I don’t need so many layers of clothing to stay warm, cuts and bruises heal faster and I have not been ill (with bronchitis, tonsillitis and influenza) as I have every 3 months or so in the past (only minor snuffles).

I feel as if my health is in very good hands; both Michael and Chris take the time to really listen to what I have to say and I feel I have more control over my health. The major recommendation I would have to anyone considering this treatment is that it is preventative, natural and will not cause side effects or long term damage to your body.

–  Leslie Adriaens


One week before my sons second birthday (1988) we had a visitor who accidentally knocked over about one litre of boiling water over my son. I was outside chopping wood at the time (it was in the middle of a very cold winter and we lived several kilometres away from civilisation).

 The first time I knew something was very wrong when my wife called me in urgently and explained what happened – she had the good sense to immediately remove his upper clothes where the boiling water had spilled copiously over his head and down his arm and chest. I took him and jumped into the creek some minutes away which was icy cold. (I discovered later that cold water or saline just continuously poured over the area would have been less traumatic). We were several hours away from the nearest hospital and my son had been brought up in a completely drug and chemical free environment – we had to make a decision whether to deal with this ourselves or subject him to IV drips and all the rest of what we knew to be the standard treatment for severe burns.

We decided to tackle this ourselves and take him to hospital the moment we felt out of our depth. All night we kept his wounds wet and all night my mind kept ticking over as to what was the best thing to do. In the morning the full extent of his wounds became apparent as large amounts of tissue sloughed off and the horrendous wound was confronting us.

By that time I knew what to do. I am a qualified naturopath and herbalist and had in the past worked closely with some remarkable healers and an experience I had some years previously when I had moderately severe sunburn – I had used herbs with good effect. This burn was much more serious with the ever present threat of shock and infection. After showering my son with tepid water I made a mixture which today is known as Green Mountain Ointment from the herbs which grew not more than a few meters from our caravan in which we lived at the time.

Immediately upon applying the poultice the pain and distress my son was suffering from immediately stopped and he went into a deep and peaceful sleep. The poultice was changed every 24 hours and my wife and I  kept an all day and all night vigil to monitor any signs of dehydration and stress. The only stressful times for our son were the changing of the bandages which took only a few minutes. No scab formed as the burn healed from within and while the poultice was on no discomfort or pain was felt by him.

By the day of his birthday (1 week later) he even managed to put on a smile and happily play with his balloons and his friends. With the daily changing of bandages we observed incredible healing and around 10 days after that the final bandage was removed.

Most of the healing occurred within the first two weeks.  The doctor was amazed how fast and effectively the healing had occurred – with no complications. He gave us a sobering comment on how we could have had a fatality on our hands. My wife and I and the 3 other practitioners we lived with at the time were there for support and advice, at all times we were aware of the risks and would not have hesitated  to take him to hospital at the slightest sign of shock or worsening – he showed none of these.

My herbal knowledge and faith had taken the ultimate test and my confidence in Gods good herbs never failed me. To date it never has and I am as grateful for the experience as painful as it was for all of us.

My son showed courage well beyond his years and today he is a fine young man with his own knowledge of herbs. There is some keloid tissue left on his arm and chest which we will deal with when he’s ready. Possibly through laser treatment or through other means I am still researching.

There is no doubt in my mind that had we gone the other way with IV drips, chemicals and the standard burn treatment of the day, he would have had a greater suffering and far worse scar tissue as I have seen many cases prior and since.

I do not recommend this home treatment in cases like this at least to this degree. One thing I am convinced about though is that every home in the world should have a jar of Green Mountain Ointment in the fridge. I do not recommend this treatment to anyone unless they have no other choice. Unless you know exactly what you are doing it is best to seek medical help immediately.

– Michael J McCammon N.D.

Colds & Flu

I take Thyrogene and the Freedom drops and I feel better and also went through winter without a cold and that is good for me as I am an asthmatic. My son gets bad asthma and I have found when he needs a nebuliser I also give him Freedom and he doesn’t need another nebuliser later. (ref # 4)

–  Name Withheld

It all started off over 11 months ago when I got a flu virus and ended up with phlegm on my chest, which would wake me up at night time coughing. I would also cough myself nearly sick every morning with lumps of green phlegm coming up, and I was continually blowing my nose and kept getting a sore throat.

I had been on asthma inhalants for the first time in my life and often on the nebuliser when I got bad. But after going on the “program” from Michael and taking Blood Purifying Tonic, anti-worm formula and Freedom for 4 months, I am pleased to report that the phlegm has gone, I can actually feel the air going into my nose (for the first time in years) my sinuses are nearly clear, I have less wax in my ears, my teeth always feel much cleaner, my hair is not coming our so much, my skin is a lot softer to touch, and I generally feel better in myself.

And now I have (under Michael’s instructions) done a 9 day detox and lost 1/2 stone and feel better again.

–  Name Withheld

Chronic Fatigue

Thanks for all your help. My hysterectomy went extremely well and I am quite sure due to your help, herbs you prescribed etc. I was only in hospital 2 days and staff at (the hospital) could not believe how quickly I recovered. So I told them herbs and positive thinking. My iron level has increased to the extent where it is acceptable and my thyroid is OK But the best news of all – I have given up smoking. Once again many thanks. (ref # 2)

–  Name Withheld

I am well used to living a physically and mentally active life-style and being a professional working in stressful conditions for long hours. I have spent the last several months feeling drained of energy, and the last few months experiencing moderate to severe aches and pains in my muscles and joints. Over these months I found the week before my period to be the most difficult of all as it appeared to exacerbate all the physical systems and cause emotional stress.

I have been literally dragging myself through each day. As I am only in my early 30’s this concerned me greatly. I had put my lethargy down to a number of life-changing circumstances in quick succession and thought that my body aches and pains were the beginning of arthritis believing I had become old before my time. At this time I read through a list of symptoms under the heading of “chronic fatigue syndrome”.Alongside this it had the causes. I noted all applied to me, including long term prednisone use. It also informed me this could take a very long time to recover from. The way I felt I certainly could not have seen myself picking up in a hurry.

After reading this I consulted with Michael J McCammon, a naturopath who believed much of my difficulty could be caused by my liver and a build-up of toxicity (he called it “nicotine saturation!”) in my blood. I began his Blood Purifying Tonic taking 3 teaspoon  a day. THREE DAYS LATER after swimming for an hour (something I had not been capable of for a very long time) and working solidly the whole day I realised I had my life back and my energy had actually returned overnight from my first taking of the blood purifying formula, and the aches and pains I was experiencing had diminished by 90%. What really surprised me, after  a week of being on the formula my period arrived and I had experienced none of the previously debilitating symptoms

–  Name Withheld

I had experienced chronic fatigue, headaches, burning stomach and problems with my ears for several years.  The problems  were getting worse. I was finding it more and more difficult to eat because of a burning sensation in my stomach after  I ate. I was losing weight and getting worried. After numerous trips to the doctor I was put on a waiting list of six months to a year just for the initial endoscopy which is only to discover the problem without doing anything about a solution. After a lot of prompting and encouragement I went to Michael McCammon.

He immediately suspected a lack of hydrochloric acid, which is needed to digest food. He took a photo of my irises to confirm this and uncovered several other problems form the photo analysis.  Such as parasites in the bowel, toxins in the liver and pancreas – hence burning stomach, chronic fatigue and headaches. Within two days of taking the slippery elm powder, prescribed by Michael to repair the  damaged  stomach lining and hydrochloric acid tablets the stomach burning vanished and has not returned.

He also prescribed his Blood Purifying Tonic and that helped to increase my energy levels. I had raised bumps on my forehead, which had been there for five years which I had read indicated a build-up of toxins in the liver and pancreas. I decided this would be a good test of this tonic and sure enough after four weeks of using the tonic they gradually disappeared. I had previously used a stream of creams and lotions to try to get rid of those bumps and nothing had worked.

Michael also cleared my ears, which had been blocked for sixteen months with, an ear candling process. An entirely painless and effective process, which killed off the bacterial yeast that had been causing the problems. He then prescribed herbal eardrops to completely eradicate the problem.

 I am impressed with Michael’s honesty. He will only use and recommend products that meet his standards of purity and concentration. If he doesn’t have the best product for you personally, he will recommend another’s brands. He has a wide knowledge of other brands and herbs and knows  which products are effective and which aren’t.  He is always happy to share his considerable knowledge and will explain in great depth what he thinks will be beneficial. He  is also happy to recommend other forms of treatment and therapists if he feels they would be useful for  your particular problems.

 He personalises your herbal treatment requirements by often combining two or more remedies to reduce the number and expense of medicines that you may require. He goes the extra mile by returning phone calls, posting products to you wherever you are in NZ, trying another track if one doesn’t work to his standard and is always willing to explain what he is doing for your personal treatment and why. I would be happy to recommend Michael  to anyone and have done so several times already. In the knowledge that they will be getting a very comprehensive personalised, holistic approach to their specific problems.

–  Name Withheld


I have been in and out of hospital most of my life from a form of epilepsy that the doctors had great difficulty bringing any level of stability to my life. A specialist told me “with the drugs on the market at this time. We have a 20% chance of bringing a degree of stability the form of epilepsy you suffer from to improve the quality of your health”. I went to talk to New Zealand Herbals about how disheartened and depressed I felt about my health.

Combined with the power of prayer from many precious Christians for healing. I started to use Blood Purifying Tonic to cleanse my liver and my blood to get more oxygen to my brain to stop the seizures. I started to take Ginkgo Mem which has helped me to remember a lot better and has improved my concentration for longer periods of time.

I was taking multivitamin capsules to replace the vitamins which were getting drained out of my system. I was a real skeptic and was pretty closed-minded about the use of alternative forms of treatment.

My attitude has totally changed about using herbal remedies to improve my health. This is mainly due to the radical results I have experienced as a result of using these products. I have been taking these products for a little over two months.

I have had a 70% reduction in amount of small facial seizures which used to number 20- 30 seizures a day. The number of these seizures have been dramatically cut down also to 2-5 small facial seizures a day and other days I do not have any.

I do not get run down and tired like I use too. It is so cool to end the day and still have energy. I thank God for the hope that has been restored to me through many peoples’ prayers and the circumstances that brought my path to New Zealand Herbals products.

Yours faithfully,

Michel Pinkerton

General Well Being

I know my health wasn’t the greatest and lived all the time ‘pushing’ myself to complete my work, hobbies etc.

I had already been aware that somehow, some foods were affecting me adversely. My first consultation was conducted very professionally both in information and in treatment. The total diagnosis all seemed to make ‘perfect sense’.

As time moved on each visit, progresses my treatment, with a thorough discussion on issues to be treated and how. I have been guided both physically and mentally and with outstanding care.

Today, over six months since commencing my visits, I am noticeably improved; I am stronger physically and mentally. I am often commented on as to my well being, whether it is my skin, my personality or my overall presence. People comment and those I haven’t seen for some time openly ask me ‘What have you been doing, you look so good’.

The money I have spent has been worth every cent. Treating the cause not the symptoms. As a result both my sister and son have also visited New Zealand Herbals and with very satisfactory results.

–  Lyn Wilson

In November 1994 Brett was admitted to Gisborne hospital with severe abdominal pain, diagnosed as appendicitis. His appendix was removed and, although found to be mildly inflamed, it was not serious.

After returning home he developed a high fever, became delirious with severe diarrhoea. On recovery his bowel completely shut down and he was severely constipated which entailed a return to hospital to be given enemas, Golightly (12 bottles in all) none of which met with any success. He was checked over with blood tests, ultra scan and barium enema. Nothing significant was noted, although it was suggested that his iron levels were fairly low and there was a possibility that he was not absorbing minerals water etc. appropriately. On Boxing Day 1994, he appeared to be returning to normal function and returned to fitness.

In October 1995, he again complained of abdominal pain accompanied by headaches, backache and fever. Initially I believed this to be the flu, but eventually he was back in hospital. He spent time in both Gisborne and Starship hospitals. During this time he had blood tests, a barium meal, catscan, bone scan, MRI. He also underwent physiotherapy and pain management sessions. In February 1996, he was diagnosed with “chronic pain syndrome” (!) This we were told, would improve over a two-year period. Brett then began a regimen of 4 hourly Panadol and Amatryptalene at night.

School became difficult. He has been unable to participate in any sport – running, jumping etc. were too painful. He tried to be at school as much as possible, but often had to come home at lunchtime – he was in constant pain and constantly exhausted. During this time he lost his independence, his sense of humour and vitality.

When his symptoms again worsened in October 1996 we decided to investigate alternative therapies. We heard of Michael (McCammon N.D.) through friends, and I took Brett along with both of us feeling a fair degree of skepticism, with Brett being particularly reluctant to try “disgusting” herbs! This did not look promising.

After our first visit, I felt more positive. Michael’s diagnosis made total sense and in the light of Brett’s lifelong digestive problems (vomiting as a breast-fed baby and difficulty with weaning), the comments were astute. I found his approach to Brett to be excellent. Brett felt totally involved in the diagnosis and was made to feel he had some control over the treatment. I believe that with children, this is central to the potential success for any program. Brett did not find the herbs disgusting and followed the treatment program religiously.

Initially his symptoms worsened and he had a full week off school. After this time he showed slow but steady improvement. After about 6 weeks on the program he began diving, running and jumping. The change was incredible.

He has continued to improve and his health is now better than I ever remember it to be. He has an interest in food, his quick wit has returned and he now has his life back.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was Michael’s treatment that brought about this dramatic improvement. Without his treatment Brett would still be in chronic pain, unable to enjoy life as a 12 year old should. (Ref : file # 10).

–  Bridget Mead

Went to Mike Sept 1996 with rash in various parts of my body that Doctors could not clear up or control. Everything they gave me, I reacted to; so my only option was alternative medicine.

My results with Mike were instant. For 2 weeks my body was covered with a rash which blistered, oozed, itched, peeled and joints arms, legs and face swelled. It was hell. This was followed by another 2 weeks of the same thing only not quite so bad. When I went out in public people thought I had been burned; seeing new pink skin all over the place. The next 2 months were much the same, only everything happened more quickly; about 3 days and with longer periods of no rash.

It is now July 97 and except for a small eczema type rash in web of a couple of fingers which comes and goes, I’m free of discomfort pain and embarrassment. Also finally all symptoms of glandular fever and other gland problems have gone.

Mike’s confidence, support and advice kept me going when I wanted to give up. He never once doubted himself, he explained the reasons why these things were happening and how to fix them.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Mike to anyone and he is my first choice over any doctor.

–  Name Withheld

Over the years I have used Mike’s herbal products and kept on buying them.  I found a skin product in our local New World and it was foot soak and it is really good.  The product that I really promote is his Herbal Iron tonic, I even tell people to go on-line to view his products.  I have known Mike for at least 20 years from when he first treated me – he is one of the best.

–  Anne Boddy


I found the years of migraines, when the children were young and the farm men had to be cooked for, an absolute nightmare, no one seemed to be able to help me. Doctors said is was just me, and dished out another drug, one causing a severe kidney problem and another triggering asthma which I still have, doctors strung it all together and said, “Migraine, neurotic asthma, depression. It is just you.” I knew I didn’t get headaches because I was depressed, but I certainly got depressed because I had migraines.

Ten years ago, almost be accident and thanks to my daughter, I was able to be treated by a naturopath (Michael McCammon) who instantly diagnosed food as the cause. He put me on a very restricted diet for six weeks during which time I had not one migraine, I cannot express my appreciation enough for the fantastic help I got from him, it was instant help. He diagnosed my problem immediately, with the right diet my migraines stopped overnight. Its was unbelievable. The diet was perfect from the start.

–  Barbara Mountier

(New Zealand Herbals Serene is ) ideal for those extra tense times. If used early enough it (has) stopped a headache becoming more intense. It (has been) great for providing “extra courage” in times of extreme stress – abridged (ref # 7)

– Name Withheld

After a spinal injury I had a constant headache above one eye and I couldn’t tolerate any pressure whatsoever on my head. Even hair ties or sun hat or sunglasses would cause a severe migraine.

After a long period of time taking Ginkgo Mem I can now wear my hair up, can constantly wear sunhats and sunglasses. But most importantly I don’t have a constant headache. ( ref # 10)

– Name Withheld

My mother had always had severe migraine headaches and had  a spell in hospital as a result of side effects from so-called medication. (name) talked me into taking mum into coming to see  you. She did exactly what you told her to do with regard to food and in the time periods that you said she came out of the migraine cloud and has been so well, healthy and active since that I still marvel at the transformation. Mum is 70 years now and is still busy and active, reveling in the fact that she can belong to organisations and commit herself to being an office holder and various other jobs and know that she can  do everything she said she would do without a moment’s illness.

Every time I look at mum and see how energetic and well she is, I think of you so when I saw your name in Healthy Options I felt compelled to write to you to tell you what a difference you made to this family. I will be forever grateful.

–  Name Withheld

Sex Drive & Fertility

I had been off the pill for 2 years as my partner and myself were trying to start a family – but it wasn’t working. We found out that my partner had a low sperm count due to smoking cannabis. So we got some Men’s Formula from New Zealand Herbals and he started taking it. Two months later I fell pregnant and now we have a beautiful, healthy little boy. Thank you, he’s the light of our lives. (ref#14)

–  Name Withheld

Dear Michael ,

I’ve finally put pen to paper as I was reluctant to push my luck earlier, not wanting to tempt fate.

I came to you about July  last year suffering secondary infertility having been successfully conceived, but unfortunately loosing twin boys at 20 weeks  gestation 7 years earlier. Over the successive years I/we had the battery of medical tests where they could find nothing abnormal hence “unexplained infertility” I had two IVF attempts which resulted in fertilised embryos being replaced but unfortunately no pregnancy resulted.

After consulting with yourself you recommended several New Zealand Herbal’s remedies namely the Woman’s Tonic, Thyrogene, Mineral Max. I took these for about 3-4 months and I noticed, especially when I started the Woman’s Tonic, a heightened awareness of my monthly cycle and was in good spirits. On your recommendations I visited (osteopath), who manipulated my back and uterus. I remember walking  out of his rooms feeling quite euphoric and very positive in my thinking.

During this time my name came up on the public health list for another IVF attempt. I found it difficult to decide whether I should continue with the herbal remedies or try the IVF. I decided that in this day and age you don’t turn down the public health system so I ceased the herbal remedies upon their request and embarked on what was to be our best ever IVF attempt where the number and quality of fertilised eggs were excellent, (exceeding the other two attempts). The result – a successful pregnancy! I am now the very proud mother of a 3 month old son, (name).

I have  no  doubt in my mind that the above herbal remedies in particular the Woman’s Tonic, and the session with  the osteopath, contributed to both my physical and mental welfare so that when I embarked on our third attempt I was in a very positive, relaxed frame of mind and to everyone’s credit it was a success.

The nurses at National Women’s Hospital commented that they had noticed those women who had sought naturopathic help, particularly for those having stored frozen embryos replaced, had great success rates. (this is not documented)

–  Name Withheld

My name is Catherine (private) , I am 38 years old, and have been trying to conceive since 1999. I have been pursuing traditional Chinese medicine since that time to try and conceive, through those investigations with the fertility clinic I discovered that I had polycystic ovary syndrome and that I was only ovulating every three months, I had a tubal inspection and everything was found to be normal. As a result of the polycystic syndrome I was put on metformin, which I later found discovered is actually a diabetic drug.

This took my periods from three months down to one month, and ovulation on day 20 down to day 14. I was also told that I needed to remove the stress in my life, so I left my job of 15 years which was very stressful, and nearly caused me to have a breakdown. I was giving blood twice a month and being monitored as to the progress of my cycle. The fertility clinic were fabulous and I don’t wish to diminish the good work that they do, but the emotional investment required to follow this regime is demoralising.

After two years treatment and drugs my specialist suggested they would start me on Clomiphene a fertility drug.  They would start me on half a tablet and monitor what it did to my body…….sound reassuring…I don’t think so. They also advised me that I was high risk for multiple births. Well, as you can imagine the warning bells were peeling.

A friend who had massive problems with her sons health recommended me to Michael McCammon, and the story she told me about the changes in her son inspired me to take action and ring Michael. Its funny really often you need to hear something out of the ordinary to motivate you to try something new. I think I was also ready to try something different, as I dislike taking drugs immensely.

I went to see Michael, who I instantly felt comfortable with and trusted. I must add the Michael wasn’t the first person that I saw in exploring other options. I knew more from Michael in the first five minutes than I had received  from the other two practitioners in an hour. I knew I was toxic, I had really abused my body all my life, and had always listened to my head not my body. Well as you can imagine this showed in my eyes, and Michael recommended a number of treatments to assist me in conceiving and improving my health. He sent me for a colonic irrigation, which is conducted by a delightful man Peter Kearns, who has a fabulous sense of humour, which I imagine would be important in that line of work.

I gave up dairy products and wheat, both of which I found extremely hard, and I did slip up a number of times, but they made a huge difference to how I felt and my energy levels. I also lost an awesome amount of weight from areas of my body that I had never been able to lose weight from before. Michael also sent me to see LB Anderson, who gave me electrotherapy and massage. LB totally changed my posture and took away some old aches and pains that I had been carrying around for six years.

My life changed dramatically, my health improved, I didn’t feel congested in the mornings as I had with dairy products, I had more energy, my body which had always yo yoed with weight, finally reset my metabolism, the Thyrogene corrected my thyroid function, and I didn’t gain weight again. The Withania is pure magic, I was unable to wind myself up, and felt calm and controlled most of the time. Para and Blood Purifying compound changed my body’s regime and I know its working far better.

But the best thing of all is that I am now 14 weeks pregnant with only one child and everything is looking good and normal. This would not have happened without Michael McCammon, who I know is the reason I am having a child naturally. No IVF or fertility drugs to further damage my body and upset its natural balance. Thank you Michael for your treatment and your referral to LB who I am sure also helped in my quest. I know I still have a long way to go in my quest for supreme health, but I have learnt one thing. It doesn’t matter what time it takes or what it costs, because your health is the most important thing that you must take care of, because if you don’t enjoy good health, you don’t have anything, or can’t enjoy everything. Life is too short. I have referred a number of my family members who have also seen Michael, and they have also improved their health. My sister who was mineral deficient after her first child is also pregnant again with her second, who will be a close cousin, thanks to Michael.

Thank you Michael.


Skin Cancer

Recently I was referred to Michael J McCammon N.D. I had basal cell carcinoma removed by the medical profession in Canada, and was not happy with the result; as they left a stitch in the incision, causing infection and more scar tissue than necessary. On top of that, two satellite basal cell carcinomas appeared next to the scar tissue. This was not satisfactory, as you realise you will soon have numerous scars. Aside from this, you begin to wonder if you ever have a chance of beating this affliction or if you  will end up being one big mushy mess of scars!

So now the mind is trying to panic you into negative thoughts – not good! To help me try and panic was a sister of mine who is a registered nurse. As I had another carcinoma on my chest, her words were “Blyth for God’s sake go and get it cut out before it gets in your blood system, your life is going great and why chancing DYING – DO something about it”. That’s enough to scare anyone – But, being rather stubborn – I decided the medical profession was not the answer to the problem.  I tried Hoxsey red cover formula and urine treatment to name a couple. Nothing cured the sores and by now 4 or 5 years had passed. They were always in the back of my mind – playing on it.

Then a visit to Michael McCammon – not knowing what to expect! Well, the next thing, I was on my back having what I call “magic mud” (Indian Poultice) administered to the lesion on my chest. I left the clinic with a herbal Blood Purifying Tonic and mineral blood builder to take (Mineral Max)  The magic mud destroyed all abnormal cells in the area and healed well! Then we eliminated the satellites on my back in the same fashion. I also had two sores on my left leg which were going to be serious, due to circulation in the outer limbs. Mike gave me a herbal and mineral mix to build up my system for the big challenge –  the two sores on my leg. He warned me they would be big craters and he was right. They were not only big, they were deep!

The healing process took time and they were open wounds for approximately 2 months. Being a person who gets infections from small scratches – the fact I came through this without even a sign of infection speaks for itself! Today, only  a month after the last scab came off there is only a small scar with some discoloration – which is slowly disappearing. To me, this was worth looking for and waiting out the medical profession, as I feel Michael not only saved my leg – but probably my LIFE!

The alternative medicine used by Michael WAS “MAGIC”! At all times Michael was there to alleviate my fears that my mind could possibly conjure up, as to the healing process I was going through.

Many thanks to an ALTERNATIVE Practitioner who definitely puts the welfare of his clients ahead of monetary gain – After all , how much is one’s life worth?

–  Blyth M.Dean

Hello. My name is Brenda Heggarty and I was diagnosed with a secondary stage skin cancer on the top of my shoulder near my neck. I was booked in to have it cut off but they said it may have put out tentacles and the scar would be uncomfortable to live with. When I went in to have it cut out my doctor was quite stressed and I didn’t want him cutting me in that state so I said I’d make the appointment for another day.

My friend Christine told me of a poultice that her friend had bought from Michael McCammon, a naturopath in Christchurch. I was a bit doubtful and nervous to use it in case it made it spread or something. She assured me that the worst that could happen would be that it didn’t work. So she covered what was visible (which was about a quarter of a centimetre in diameter piece of flaky skin.)

It had been stinging before we started. On application it started itching really intensely and also stinging a bit.

She checked it and cleaned it every day. As it turned out it was much bigger and more widespread than anyone had realised. It’s completely gone now. There is no itch or sting. We wash it with Hydrogen peroxide and then soak it in Aloe Vera and seeing it is still quite raw she puts Savlon on it to keep the germs out.

Please feel free to use my testimony and thank you more than I can say. I believe you were sent to me by God.

Kind regards

Brenda Heggarty

Below is a series of images taken of Brenda’s progression.  The poultice has done most of its work within the first week and the healing proceeds from there. No or little scar tissue will remain.

Before During After
One week after apply the poultice
Eleven days after applying the poultice
Thirty two days after applying the poultice


I am a mother/housewife and am always on the go! My busiest time is between 5pm and 7 pm, getting tea ready, bath times etc. Every night at this time, I would find myself getting very “stressed out!” which made things even worse.

I started taking Serene and Herbal Iron from New Zealand Herbals and the results were quite amazing. After about three days of taking them I was getting tea ready and trying to occupy my son at the same time and I thought – “wow, I’m so calm, I’m usually stressing out by now”.

It was wonderful and things just flowed so easily. My partner doesn’t have to wonder what sort of mood I’m going to be in when he gets home from work – because he knows I’m in control of things now, and everyone is happier

–  Amanda Adams

Thyroid Conditions

On the 23rd of December 2003 I visited the Haematology Department at Christchurch hospital to discuss why my blood count was down. What arose from the discussion with the specialist was that it was due to my under active thyroid, which was also contributing to my low iron count.

I asked if there was anything I could do, and was told no, we’ll just keep monitoring you and once it gets below a certain level we will prescribe thyroxin. That afternoon I had an appointment with Michael McCammon and without any prior discussion about my previous tests he looked at my iris on the computer screen and said that screams thyroid at me. Yes, I said, but is there anything that can be done. Mike emphatically replied “There are lots that can be done.”

I have followed his program and the benefits are wonderful. My energy levels are way up, I feel warm, I feel calm, and my hair is smoother and less coarse. I feel really good. And at the last check up Mike tells me that according to my iris, my iron levels are fine. Miraculous.

–  Name Withheld

I have found New Zealand Herbal’s Thyrogene excellent for assisting with emotional stability such as when suffering from the after effects of depression. Has a calming effect so that problems are kept in perspective” (ref # 6)

–  Name Withheld

I have a history of Bulimia, anorexia and alcohol abuse which I received treatment and full recovery from in the late 1980’s. I have throughout my life, experienced periods of uncomfortable stomach bloating, constipation, fatigue, anxiety – and have been prone to developing “unexplained” and thus “untreatable ” skin conditions.

In August ’95, I gained an incredible amount of weight over a 2 – 3 week period. This concerned and mystified me as I felt and looked 5 -6 months pregnant. I was really thrilled the day someone  stopped me in the street to excitedly congratulate me on my pregnancy.

Over the following months I attempted a range of diet changes and increased my exercise program considerably – WITH NO CHANGE. My bloating and constipation became worse and I began to experience pain after eating only minimal amounts of food, after which I would change my clothes to accommodate my expanded stomach.

Mid ’96, I visited a medical practitioner and had a series of blood/urine tests. The results were “no problem”, and I was instructed to come back in a few months time if my condition persisted – for a thorough and unpleasant internal examination. By this time I was beginning to fear my condition may have been a growth or worse caused by my earlier history of eating disorders/ alcohol abuse.

In September, after a week in continuous agony and desperation, I visited a Naturopath – also, now seeking help for my seemingly high anxiety level, (I had developed a habit of chewing my nails to the core), it was suggested I try the product belonging to the New Zealand Herbals range for my thyroid gland function. On beginning this, I was amazed to discover my anxiety level reduced 90% overnight.

A month later, still amazed by the results of the Thyrogene, I began a special treatment program designed by Michael McCammon (N.D.)  utilising the New Zealand Herbals products. I was very pleased by the thoroughness and accuracy of the diagnostic process, and the knowledge and understanding given regarding my condition.

I began to experience an immediate healing response and the changes that took place were incredible. No more stomach bloating  or discomfort, my weight began to vanish, my fingernails began to grow. My outlook on life became more positive and people-orientated. I not only gained back my energy, but also a sense of humour I had missed for quite some time. I have only listed some of the changes experienced on the course of the treatment program – believing they alone speak volumes. My whole life has changed and I am happier and contented than I have ever been.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the treatment, and find it difficult to express in words my gratitude, and the acknowledgment this healing process deserves. (ref #17)

–  Name Withheld


My problem began one year ago when I was unable to cope with an ordinary day without feeling absolutely drained of every ounce of energy, feeling cold all the time and suffering with thrush. I always had a permanent bloating feeling of the stomach and hadn’t anything to eat. I got to the stage of not eating at all dreading the outbreak of thrush all the time. I am usually 52kgs but dropped to 47kgs. I’m a real night person but struggled to keep awake past 7.00PM. I drank quite a lot of coffee and enjoyed a glass of wine most nights.

My life changed completely after meeting with Mike (McCammon N.D.). The first thing I had to change was the diet. I started with lots of water, completely off all dairy products and bread. The thrush stopped rapidly and the energy levels were up. I then began the detox program taking Blood Purifying Tonic in water 3 times per day, plus hydrated Bentonite with Psyllium (Procleanse), which gave me a good clean out. At night I take Regular Bowel capsules, which I find, are lifesavers as food doesn’t sit around causing that awful bloating feeling.

Sugar had to go as that was certainly feeding the yeast cells, so I ate lots of rice, cooked and raw vegetables plus fish, chicken and pork. Keeping away from all processed foods and foods with a high sugar content it was getting better each day. Once you have made the change, it’s easy to stick to this diet. I only find it hard away from my own environment.

I am now taking Candida drops to really knock the cells from the bowel lining but two days on these drops I felt yuk!  I felt I had lead in my shoes and just wanted to sleep but it didn’t last long and now I feel great. I feel in control of the problem and if I do have a slip up my saying is “you play, you pay”. It’s usually only a sugar binge that I fail on but my sugar tolerance is a lot greater now than before. I rub sesame oil into my body each day and that has improved my skin as I’m prone to eczema and dermatitis bad.

It’s not easy to make this change and go through the detox diet, but I can honestly say it’s worth the battle and think my family would agree. I’m a far better person to live with. I have heard of so many women suffering with the same symptoms as myself, but most of them are still using Canasten cream from their doctor, which to me is only short term relief when really with the right diet and simple herbs, you can be cured long term. It’s up to you and how you focus on the program, but each day gets better and better. My thanks go to Mike.

–  Cathy McNabb


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