Live Blood Analysis

Blood is the life-maintaining fluid that circulates through the body’s heart, arteries, veins and capillaries. Blood is the river of life that delivers nourishment, electrolytes, hormones, vitamins, antibodies, heat and oxygen. Blood carries waste matter and carbon dioxide away. The blood stream is also a microcosm of the overall health of the individual, and as such is ideal as part of an overall health examination.
Preference is for live blood analysis as it focuses on a nutritional perspective, only one or two drops are necessary and blood is taken fresh and immediately (blood will deteriorate after 10 minutes of being outside the body.)

Live blood analysis does not diagnose disease, and is used here as an adjunct to a more comprehensive case history and analysis. It requires a small drop of blood, which is examined under a microscope. The blood sample is projected onto a computer screen, where you can view and discuss it with your practitioner. The results are immediately available so there are no long waits for the results.
Patients often describe the experience of being able to see their own blood as absolutely fantastic because they can see the effects of their lifestyle on their cells. Sometimes it’s a real revelation.

We will examine the red blood cells for size, shape and distribution. Abnormalities can indicate the body’s increased requirements for particular nutrients such as Iron, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid. Damaged cells can be present indicating possible free radical damage. In this instance your medical history, symptoms or other testing can reveal the reason for this. It could however be due to such things as pesticide exposure or heavy metal toxicity.
If you see excessive fat in the sample or if your cells stick together, you may have an increased risk of heart disease.
The various white blood cells will be evaluated and abnormalities could reveal viral or bacterial infections or an allergic response.
Live Blood Analysis can also be utilized to track whether your treatment is having the desired effect on your body. As your body heals, the blood cells will return to normal. Treatment protocols are based on nutritional programs involving mainly diet and nutritional supplements – this is not a drug based modality.


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