Traditionally used for relief of bronchitis, temporary relief of cough due to bronchial congestion and irritation. Relief of fever and pain associated with common cold and influenza.


The combination of herbs in this formula and their constituents work together to support healthy respiratory tract function, maintain healthy mucosal tissue and support normal mucus flow, support the body’s natural ability to break up respiratory secretions,  support the body’s normal cough reflex,  encourage a healthy environment to help maintain normal respiratory flora, enhance immune system function, promote healthy white blood cells, promote healthy throat tissue,  assist the body in maintaining normal body temperature within a normal range, promote the body’s normal resistance function

Active Ingredients 

Licorice rootLicorice root and its derivatives, especially glycyrrhetic acid, have been found to possess substantial anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a high affinity for glandular receptors that are specific for adrenocortical hormones and has a healing effect on the adrenal glands supporting the release of their anti-inflammatory substances (corticoids).

Pleurisy root – Traditionally used for ailments of the respiratory system such as Bronchitis, Pneumonia and influenza. Also a tonic for the heart and general circulation.

Echinacea Echinacea is a well-known natural antibiotic and immuno-stimulant which improves the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections by stimulating the production of white blood cells. It improves lymphatic filtration and drainage and helps to remove toxins from the blood. Termed the King of the Blood Purifiers, it is ideal, along with other herbs for healing infections of the sinuses.

White horehound –  Useful in digestive complaints often behind a number of bronchial conditions such as dry coughs, acute or chronic bronchitis, useful in all cases of inflammation of mucus membranes.

Thyme – Thyme is an effective natural antibiotic that helps to lift mucus and reduce spasms.

GingerGinger is a diffusive stimulant which acts as a catalytic agent in that it effectively increases the power and potency of any other herb it is combined with. Ginger is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain.

Dose: 5mls 3-4 times daily or as professionally prescribed

Available in 100ml and 200ml

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100ml, 200ml