Muscle and Joint

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  • Cod Liver Oil

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    The most comprehensive and balanced way to deliver vitamins essential for heart and brain health. 

  • Comfrey Ointment

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    Indicated for: bruises, swelling, sprains, pulled ligaments, arthritis, boils, healing after broken bones and slow healing wounds.

  • Epsom salts

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    Relax and Sooth your muscles at the end of every day with a beautiful bath in Epsom salts.


    • Magnesium Oil

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      Do you suffer from fatigue, muscle aches and pain, headaches, migraines, cramps and spasm, dry skin, or emotional issues such as depression and anxiety? Magnesium oil may well be an answer.

    • Mineral Max

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      One of our most important products and a key to any health care recovery program. Mineral Max naturally provides high concentrations of minerals while providing them in a perfectly balanced form. Minerals assist the utilisation of vitamins and are essential for all bodily processes.

    • Southern Ocean Salt

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      Salt is a critical element to our health and well being. Unfortunately most normal table salts contains nasty free flowing agents. We have a range of natural salts that can also promote health with the additional specialized herbs and spices to optimise health and mineral delivery.