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  • Freedom

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    Suffering from asthma? Want a natural solution and reduce your dependency on your inhaler? Our Freedom remedy may be able to help.

  • Mineral Max

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    One of our most important products and a key to any health care recovery program. Mineral Max naturally provides high concentrations of minerals while providing them in a perfectly balanced form. Minerals assist the utilisation of vitamins and are essential for all bodily processes.

  • Reno

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    Reno promotes kidney and bladder health and is strongly recommended if you suffer from conditions that are linked to the kidney’s and bladder such as urinary tract infections, enlarged prostate, cystitis, kidney related back problems, bed-wetting, allergies and fluid retention.

  • Sedatone

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    Sedatone is a natural sedative that does not create a dependency. It is an excellent product for anyone who is suffering from insomnia or anxiety.

  • Serene

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    Serene is similar in effect to Sedatone. However, it is more specifically designed for target depression and mental exhaustion without making the person feel drowsy.

  • Thyrogene

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    Your thyroid is one of the most important organs in your body. It has a direct effect on your metabolism and immunity. If you have been diagnosed with an under active thyroid then Thyrogene is the right product for you. Designed to nourish and support a healthy thyroid gland. 

  • Womans Tonic

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    Woman’s Tonic is specifically designed for the needs of women. It is particularly useful for those who suffer from irregular or painful periods, mood swings and for those who want to promote fertility.


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